About Chris K.

Client Satisfaction, Dedication to the Craft, and Creativity
These are the qualities central to what I provide for each and every client and project!

Welcome! I am a Burnaby-based photographer, specializing in commercial, portraits, events, urbanscape, abstract, and landscape photography. If this sounds like an eclectic set of photography genres, you’re correct! I have simply followed my passion, interest, and strengths and with each, brought my own creative approach.

Photography to me is about seeing the details of life in new ways, showcasing the beauty all around us, and providing a great product.

I was born and raised in Metro Vancouver and love the vibrant region; the people, the architecture, and the sea-to-sky landscapes. I also spend time photographing in the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions of British Columbia, with all of the wonderous landscapes, towns, and people.

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Artist Statement: As a photographer I am on a journey of investigative visual exploration to see and interpret the world in unique ways. Ways that bring order and clarity to the chaotic jumble of life, allowing each study to speak of its power and significance.

Stylistically I work in the documentary, expressionism, and abstract arrangements, while my subject matter includes architecture, coastal forest, interior dry grasslands and forest, and urban scenes.

Ultimately my goal as an artist is to create and share what is unseen in everyday objects, transforming them into unique studies of line, shape, texture, contrast, and colour.