September 2020 – Newsletter 2

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Welcome to the September newsletter, hopefully all is well with everyone. I had a productive month of creating images, both commercial and personal fine art projects, time visiting friends, and getting outdoors to enjoy the fine September weather.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and feedback last month on the revamped newsletters!

Highlights this month include:
Family portrait session at Port Royal
DLBA Gift Guide product shoot
Exploring the lakes and forests in the West Chilcotin
Creativity with Abstract and Expressionism

Family Portrait Session at Port Royal

After the week long period of smoke from the US wildfires, it was a real joy to see the sun and to photograph this beautiful family! I selected Port Royal with its views of New Westminster and the Fraser River to provide some context of where they live. It was an enjoyable photo session as we worked our way along the boardwalk capturing memorable photos.

Father and son

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DLBA Gift Guide Product Shoot

Four products that I captured in the downtown Langley businesses

I was very pleased to work with the Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) to capture product photos for their yearly Christmas gift guide. This digital guide represents over 30 local businesses showcasing their products and services. It was an interesting photo session capturing a variety of products from food to cosmetics to candy to eye glasses to yoga, all in a quick five hour shoot visiting each of the stores. About half of the businesses also required an updated headshot.

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Exploring the West Chilcotin

Little Alexis Lake in the early morning light

The Chilcotin region is a large plateau and mountain area extending from the west side of the Fraser River to the lee side of the coast mountains, and centred north and south of Highway 20 running east to west from Williams Lake. It is a vast area with rolling grasslands, dramatic river canyons, mountains, and a few scattered towns.

A friend and I explored several front country areas over six days and thoroughly enjoyed the tranquility and beauty. We had a near perfect run of cloud free days, warm temperatures reaching 27 degrees and overnight around 7 degrees.

Aspen Trees and Puntzi Lake (Bendziny)
Loomis Lake
One stop shop in Tatla Lake
Half Moon and Alexis Lake (Tigulhdzin)
Homathko Valley with Douglas-fir trees, ranch, and the Niut Range
Chilko Lake (Telhiqox Biny), Niut Range, and with wildfire smoke
Sunset over Chilko Lake (Telhiqox Biny)

If you want to learn more about the Chilcotin and the beautiful region it is, I recommend checking out Chris Harris’ books (Cariboo Chilcotin Coast or Motherstone) or his video (Chilcotin Ark).

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Abstract and Expressionism

Meshed Shadows and Light

There is nothing more freeing and creative that producing abstract and expressionism photographs! This is where photographic rules and expectations are banished for they limit creativity, lead to sameness, and ultimately limit ones artistic growth.

The goal here is to express objects in new ways, transforming them into unique studies of line, shape, texture, contrast, and colour. I don’t believe in photographic rules, I believe in knowledge. When to apply a certain photographic technique and when not to for a given composition.

505 on Rust
Thirsty Visions
Illuminated Industrial Ceiling
Gradations Through The Aspen and Grass
Dusk Approaches The Shipyards Commons

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