November 2020 – Newsletter 4

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Welcome to the November newsletter! It is hard to believe another year is nearly done, though given the lengthy pandemic, I am sure we all are looking forward to a new year. I do hope everyone is managing all right, doing their part to assist the control of the virus, and keeping in touch safely with friends and family.

I have been busy this month expanding the business with networking events (via Zoom), working on creative projects, and virtually attending my weekly photography club meetings. The recent pandemic related health order in BC has postponed some of my scheduled commercial work, but that is certainly understandable. The rain this month has been a bit of a challenge for photographing urbanscapes with strong sunlight and deep shadows. But, when I did get periods of strong sunlight I would head out to a favourite location and spend hours absorbed in expressing myself through the lens.

Have a good December and thanks for your interest and support.
…be safe and creative.

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This following articles are indexed for your convenience:
Product shots and the joy in serving clients
First light at Sasamat Lake
Urbanscapes on Granville Island and Annacis Island
Creativity with Abstracts and Expressionism

Product Shots and More

Book-matched tiles with even lighting and no reflections

While you might not think that photographing floor tile is an exciting job, I would say it actually is. Think about the challenges that the client was having when they photographed the reflective tile and how I was able to resolve the matter through optimal lighting. I truly believe that it is such a joy to serve my clients! As a bonus, and without any advance notice, I was asked to take a headshot and portrait. At the end of the day I reflected on what a varied and enjoyable day it had been: product shot, headshot, portrait, urbanscape, and abstracts!

Detail rich floor tiling
Headshot for the business owner
The client also wanted a fun portrait and selected the staircase

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First Light at Sasamat Lake

Early morning on Sasamat Lake with the floating bridge and fishers.

On a recent hike in the Belcarra area to Sugar Mountain, we made the decision to do the loop in reverse so that we could see Sasamat Lake first. While the lake is very nice at other times of the day, I was really taken with just how beautiful it was at first light and the mirror like surface!

The floating bridge appears suspended in the mirror like surface.
I saw this scene through some branches and once to the water edge, I made my way down this log to clear the over hanging branches hoping for a great composition and not a dunking!
The figure eight of the branches frames the blue and red walkers on the floating bridge.

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Fall Colour and the Dockside Restaurant at Granville Island.

I have really come to enjoy photographing urbanscapes with strong sunlight and the resultant shadows. The strong contrast and implied shapes created from the linear shadow line is a very strong creative force and one that I embrace with joy.

Interesting colour choices and the tree under the light were my main interests in this composition on Granville Island.
Shadows and the remaining fall colour on Annacis Island. I feel the four horizontal bands of different colour and tone juxtapose well with the sinuous tree shadows and hanging leaves.
Deep shadows at the Granville Island maintenance facility. Of late, I have been working more on black and whites and this was one that I felt expressed my love of the yin and yang of light and shadow.
Reflections are a source of inspiration and creativity. Annacis Island.

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Abstract and Expressionism

Cascading Lights on False Creek

Welcome to the abstract and expressionism section of the newsletter, where everyday objects are transformed into unique studies of line, shape, texture, contrast, and colour. I use the camera as a way to express the unseen and to reveal an alternate reality.

The process of creating these is very much one of exploration, utilizing the appropriate photographic tools in the camera, willingness to stray from my comfort zone, understanding the characteristics of light, and lots of patience. All of these are created in-camera and in-situ with only light editing in post.

Interlaced Venting on the Square
Orange Slide to Daylight
Parkade Construct
Transits In the Night

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