March 2021 – Newsletter 8

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Welcome to the March newsletter, thanks for your interest! This month has been another productive and creative one with photography outings to various areas of the south coast. I have explored some new areas of the Boundary Bay area, a quiet rural area in south Delta, and favourite haunts such as downtown New Westminster, The Shipyards, and the Annacis Channel of the Fraser River. There is truly a diverse set of areas here to photograph that matches well with my interest!

I wanted to pass along my thanks to everyone that has posted comments on these newsletters, I read each of them and do value your thoughts and insights! I always look forward to writing these newsletters as it provides an opportunity to review the month’s work, and to share my thoughts on the process. As you can imagine given the amount of photography that I do in a month, both commercially and fine art wise, it does start to become a blur as to what I have produced!

Enjoy the articles this month, be safe, and we’ll chat again soon!

The following articles are indexed/linked for your convenience:
Creativity in off weather
Anvil Centre in New Westminster
Along the Annacis Channel

Creativity in Off Weather

Boundary Bay area dykes and fields. The black and white shows the beauty in the clouds and the wide open space in this rural area of Metro Vancouver

Recently I was thinking about the South Coast of BC and the thought that some have about the amount of rain that we get. While it is true that it rains here, often times during the rain events if you head south and west from the mountains, you can find dry areas. The following is a collection of photos made in between the showers one Saturday, all of which I feel are creative and expressive.

Boundary Bay under clouds. I was trying to capture the linear elements in this scene along with the “land meets sea” concept to give it a place
Steel Tanks, North Richmond. This is a favourite subject of mine so I was pleased to find these tanks softly illuminated in the overcast conditions.
Glass roof on the vast greenhouses that are present in the Boundary Bay area. The overcast conditions actually favour this composition as the sun would create undesirable reflections.
I like the sense of wonder and intrigue as to what awaits at the top of these stairs. Foot of Shell Road, Richmond.
Static Speed on the Rail. I came upon a stack of replaced rails and worked to make some abstracts. The soft lighting was perfect in creating this composition.

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Anvil Centre

The warm toned tiles with shadows. I was interested in the different line types and actual versus implied (shadows).

The Anvil Centre is a culture and community centre in New Westminster housing a variety of use spaces. On a visit to the area this month I decided to spend more time capturing the different facades and angles of this wonderful building.

Looking skyward with the neighbouring building reflecting in the windows
The dagger like window is an unusual element and one that I worked to capture
A construction crane reflected in the windows becomes a distorted element and a counterpoint to the straight lines on the building
Here is another composition of that dagger like window, this time with the Piva Modern Italian restaurant sign as a lead in

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Along the Annacis Channel

Marina with power and sailing boats with Annacis Island behind and the Highway 91A crossing

I took advantage of the continuing good weather one Saturday afternoon and headed out to an area near my home. The Annacis Channel is one of the navigable channels of the Fraser River and has interesting sites along it. I worked the Queensborough side of the channel and stopped at several locations, building on my knowledge of the area from previous trips.

I have wanted to make such a composition for sometime so I was pleased when I saw this white with red water-lined boat
Further along the hull was this bumper and that with the shadow formed a triangle shape
The Highway 91A bridge heading for the Annacis Channel crossing
Boat sheds and a power boat, nestled in a quiet area near the shore

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Geometric Hall

It is always nice to gather the month’s abstracts in one collection to see the creative compositions that I have produced.

Letter Blur in Colour
Unwrapping Orange
Parkade Tree
New West Zebra
Winter Puddle
Transporting Red

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