February 2021 – Newsletter 7

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Welcome to the February newsletter, thanks for your interest! Here on the south coast we have had our usual winter weather with periods of rain and even some snow. I have been able to get out to photograph and to hike in some local areas though between those rain and snow events. As March approaches it feels like winter is starting to break, I even saw some snowdrop flowers today on my neighbourhood walk.

Enjoy the articles this month, be safe, and we’ll chat again soon!

The following articles are indexed for your convenience:
Grease is the Theme
Snow on Burnaby Mountain
Focusing on Abstracts
Red and Yellow at Granville Island

Grease is the Theme

This month I have been photographing for two new clients where grease seems to be the common theme. The first is an automotive shop where I photographed the staff’s headshots to go with their updated websites. Brian the owner had a ready smile! The second client is an industrial hose and fittings company that requires product shots for their catalogs and web store. When photographing those parts, there is a certain angle that they require the photo to be taken from to match the style they have.

Brian, the owner of the North Vancouver Integra Tire, with a ready smile
A collection of parts photographed and ready for use in their catalogs and web store

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Snow on Burnaby Mountain

Academic Quadrangle at SFU with the snow falling. The SFU Resident Life association actually reached out to request it for their Instagram feed, see it here (second image)

Metro Vancouver does not receive snow often and when it does, it doesn’t tend to last long. So on a recent snowfall I headed off to Burnaby Mountain to photograph in the woods and the Simon Fraser University campus.

I enjoyed the stark nature of the snow with soft muted lighting and being immersed in the snowfall. I feel that this series invokes the mood that I feel when I’m out walking in a snowfall. Words to describe the mood are: quiet, sombre, in touch with my surroundings, and calmness.

Western red cedar in amongst the red alder tress
I tried a few compositions of this road and was really pleased with this vertical one with the lead lines and the juxtaposition of the straight lamp posts with the leaning red alder trees
While it is a stark scene, I liked how this composition worked out
This reminds me of the Robert Frost poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and the lines “Of easy wind and downy flake” and “The woods are lovely, dark and deep”

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Focusing on Abstracts

Mosaic Work, Granville Island

Lately I have been feeling like I have not been working on my abstracts enough or with enough conviction. With this in mind, I headed out on a few trips with the goal of focusing on creating interesting and creative abstracts. Overall I feel like I achieved my objective of creating a larger body of abstracts this month.

Jewel in the Matrix, No. 5 Road Pump Station Richmond
Yellow Door at Railspur Alley, Granville Island
Pumping for Clarity, No. 5 Road Pump Station Richmond
Parkade Alignment, New Westminster
Emergence and Being, Granville Island

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Red and Yellow at Granville Island

On a recent visit to Granville Island, I noticed how much I was attracted to the reds and yellows that are ever present there. Each of these photos has a strong red or yellow component to them.

Trees and shadows on red siding of the False Creek Community Centre
An interesting study in colour and shape, anchored with red and green
I liked the three highlights bisecting the curved red sheet metal
Fire Lane indeed!
Yellow Love

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